Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Amazing history of Black Dog

 The history of the fine Black Dog Scotch is intriguing to one. It is by far the most interesting I have heard about any drink. I was just having a discussion with my brother while sipping ofcourse the Black Dog Scotch, about how it came to being called the “black dog”. A little research here and there and I had so many facts thrown around me that I felt like I was watching some 3D movie and I could infact visualize it all. 

From what I read, I found that It all started around 130 years back when the in 1883, Sir Walter Millard – a scot by birth; started searching for the perfect blend of Scotch and then discovered it across the shores of Scotland. This rich blend which was created by James McKinley who belonged to second generation of Leith Scotch-Whiskey blending family (based in EdinBurgh) and together with Sir Walter Millard launched the Scotch-Whiskey by the name Millard Black Dog.

Black Dog scotch is a blend of elegant Whiskeys from the Highlands of Spey Valley Islands and lowland regions of Scotland. Today even after 130 years of serving one of the best Scotch in the world, the tradition of blending remains the same and every ingredient and the process has remained the same. All this happens till now under the watchful eyes of Richard Paterson, just as Sir Walter Millard had begun. Black Dog is considered to be 100% genuine Scotch-whiskey distilled, matured and blended in the lowland regions of Scotland. Black Dog is now available in the best bars across the world and marking it as quality International Luxury Brand.

The name and the brand lives on as One of the world’s finest Scotch Whiskey.

Phew! So you can now imagine how I felt while reading all this. DO let me know if you too felt all this revolving around you like a film. Now watch this video and have fun!! Also to live your life in style, click here

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