Saturday, March 30, 2013

In the End!

They say the best is always reserved for the last. Unfortunately, as I am writing this post, I am also sipping the last drink of my Black Dog Centenary. As I take a sip it pains that I will not have it with me anymore until I go back and buy another bottle. It has been a wonderful journey writing for a brand that when spoken about, speaks of only class and nothing else.
In the last 29 posts I have spoken about everything ranging from what it relates to in terms of class and stature to pairing it with food, chocolate, films and music. As a law abiding citizen I have also proudly written about how one must take utmost care while drinking and driving in case and finally the great history about this wonderful drink called the Black Dog Scotch Whisky. Here is a recap of all of that.

If you have forgotten, any kind of food goes well with it, but the spicier the better because this Scotch has a unique taste of its own that blends with something spicy. Chocolate is sweet but then with chocolate it has a different chemistry altogether. It feels like your scotch is romancing trying to woo the wonderful chocolate, who resists his every move. A tangy feeling.

Movies! Ah what fun to drink while watching your favourite movie. Through the posts I have reaslised that while watching a movie, I was concentrating more on my drink than the movie. But I suggest you pick a movie that you really are interested because the law of attraction applies well on it.

That is ditto for Music.

Last but not the least if you are drinking and plan to drive, I suggest you pick a cab. Nothing will happen to your car/bike if you park it at the pub. But if you Drink and Drive there are well say 80% chances that something will happen to it.

I will be back soon writing more about the world's best Scotch whisky when I try its other variants. Till then, Stay safe and Drink Responsibly.


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