Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BD Easy evenings with Ash Matthew

Black Dog Scotch Whisky has come out with the concept of Black Dog Easy Evenings which appreciates, recognizes and supports World class music and events. This is a platform by which Indian audience get to enjoy and relish world class music and humor programs. An offshoot of the Black Dog Easy Evenings is the Black Dog Comedy Evenings where best stand-up comedians in the world come to India to perform to thunderous applause from swelling crowds. It is also very monumental in the fact that it appreciates and recognizes upcoming talents from India like Ashwin Matthew a stand-up comedian from Bangalore who is being re
cognized on a global and India level due to he being supported by Black Dog Scotch Whisky.

 Do check out the video clips from the links below to see how Ashwin Matthew creates humor from normal daily situations which we face. I love the fact how he understands the different cultures in India and pokes fun at them without sounding offensive but still making people rollick with laughter. He likes to use different accents like that of a Malayalee uncle, Tamil Iyengar uncle and Bangalore hippie uncle. His sense of timing is perfect which allows him to create humor right out of thin air. I like the fact where he interacts with his audience and creates humor on the fly using their names or their attributes and habits. Lot of Bangalroeans didn’t know that such talent existed in our multifaceted city and were truly amazed by the world class talent possessed by Ashwin Matthew.

Ashwin Matthew got lot of recognition after doing events like Black Dog Comedy Evenings. He was recently seen in the Sridevi movie ‘English Vinglish’ as the malayelee headmaster of Sridevi’s daughter who struggles to speak with her in Hindi. His natural way of acting is very appreciable as he looks like a person just next door but has such perfect comic timing that you can’t hold back your guffaw at the comic situations he creates or talks about.

Along with enjoying this world class humor, people also enjoyed drinking the world class Scotch Whisky with a tradition and legacy of over 130 years – Black Dog Scotch Whisky. Black Dog Deluxe which is the 12 year old version of the world famous Scotch Whisky was the most preferred drink that evening which allowed people to relax and rejuvenate after a long hard day of work.

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