Monday, March 18, 2013

A weekend getaway

I was travelling over the weekend and like I said in one of my earlier post, I love adventure and travelling. Although this wasn’t adventure.  This was more of a two day leisure trip to Coorg, better known for its coffee, chocolate and its climate. I stayed at one of the premium resorts with my besitie Suman and we had a ball of a time over there.

I made sure I carried my bottle of Black Dog. Though it wasn’t the full bottle that I carried. I had to carry a smaller one so that it fit into my luggage for two days. We left on Friday morning and reached a little before 6 pm in the evening because it takes over 7 hours by road. We had a super tiring journey because the roads were bad. Once we checked into the resort, we were taken to our room. The whole resort is on top of a hill with coffee plantation around it. The whole view was breath taking.

Making most out of the surroundings, we sat in the verandah of our room to rest because the temperature over there was almost 10 degrees lower than Bangalore. Taking time to unwind and get over the car journey we poured ourselves a large serving of the Black Dog I had carried. We ordered for some food to our room and kept munching on it. The weather was so good, that we did not realize when we finished our first drink and poured a second. It put us in a total fun mood that we stared talking about life, girlfriends and what not. I never felt so light before. I don’t know what the reason was but I am sure Black Dog had a role to play in it.

Over the two days of stay that we did, we finished close two two bottles that we bought from the resort. It luckily had it stocked. Hehe. And I felt so lucky and relieved to have taken a break like this. I am so looking forward to taking another break with my all time favourite Black Dog.

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