Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stay Safe, Drink Safe

There are many people who love to drink a lot until they fall and are hardly in their senses. Well Black Dog in excess can also do that to you. You do tend to get carried away when you have such an awesome drink in your hand. Surely it may not be the best choice to drink in a party because you would want to relish the woody taste and fragrance of the world’s finest Scotch whisky and relax after it rather than just gulping it down in a hurry.

You might seem very macho and cool if you have a lot of capacity and can keep gulping drinks without losing control or getting high. But you do can never anticipate the amount of alcohol that has gone into your body.

When partying, you need to drink responsibly because you need to return home once you are done partying at a club. If you are partying at a friend’s place and have a place to crash then it is fine. You might want to tag along a friend who knows doesn’t drink, knows how to ride back or drive after you are done partying. It makes sense to do that because you do not want to get caught by the cops nor end up ramming your vehicle somewhere thus putting your life in danger along with those travelling with you.

If you are alone and in absolutely drunk state it is better to hire a cab that will ferry you home. It is the safest bet. It is better to pay up 300 bucks on a ride than pay a huge fine or pay to get your vehicle repaired. So all in all drink responsibly, if you do want to unwind, Black Dog is always available and also a cab too.

Stay Safe Drink Safe, Wear your seat belts while driving and do not talk on the mobile while driving.

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