Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movies and ???

For a movie buff like me, watching movies 24/7 or 365 days can be like what Uncle Scrooge feels everytime he swims in his pool full of gold coins. I can just watch any number of movies in a day without feeling exhausted.

There are times when some movies tend to tire you, but you have to keep it going. And there are times when you just cant get off your seat for a break.
Today I will tell you what you can do while watching a film that keeps you hooked to your seats till the end.

Step 1: Put the DVD in the player and keep it ready
Step 2: make your seat as comfortable as you can. You are probably going to watch the film in the night so DO NOT keep any pillows around.
Step 3: Walk up to the kitchen and make your self some popcorn and some more popcorn.
Step 4: walk up to your bar, pick up the precious bottle of Black Dog that you MUST have in your bar.
Step 5: Pour yourself a good share of it and make a Patiala peg. You may choose to have it neat, but I would suggest Red Bull with it.
Step 6: Take all and grab your seat.
Step 7: Start watching the movie.
Step 8: Eat popcorn, drink pure bliss
Step 9: take a sip of the finest scotch, eat popcorn
Step 10: Repeat step 8 and 9 until end.

So you see these are ten easy steps to enjoy a great movie with the world’s finest scotch whisky the one and only Black Dog scotch whisky.

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