Thursday, March 14, 2013

Movies and ???-Part 2

So yesterday I gave you ten tips on how to enjoy a great movie with the wonderful Black Dog Scotch Whisky. Today in its sequel I will give you ten steps as to what to do when you are stuck watching a not so great movie.

My question to you is, what do you normally do when you are stuck watching something you absolutely despise? Yawn? Snore? Eat? Text? Or just walk out? Well I prefer to just yawning or keep my mouth moving like a cow or a camel so that I just don’t fall asleep. But that might not be the case with all of you. So presenting to you 10 simple and easy steps to creating your own Black Dog Easy Evenings.

Step 1: Avoid watching such movies. Go out enjoy with friends and have some Scotch. Black Dog Scotch.
Step 2: If you are forced into it, just say you are male PMSing. They will never get it.
Step 3: if they get it and catch you red handed, just watch.
Step 4: While watching the film, pretend as if you are in the desert and so go make yourself a large serving of Black Dog Scotch.
Step 5: Slowly sip it. Remember you need to preserve it till the end of the movie.
Step 6: Offer a sip to others but refuse to part with it. Ask them to go make one for themselves.
Step 7: Push each of your friends to do that.
Step 8: Look on the TV guide and find what is playing your favourite Sit-Com.
Step 9: Slyly change the channel when all your friends get up and hide the remote.
Step 10: Act drunk and ask them to shut up and watch it with you.

So you see it is as simple as it is. All you need is lots of Black Dog Scotch Whisky stocked in your bar, you’ll be living your life instyle!!!


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