Monday, March 4, 2013

For I have Sinned

After a long and tiring day of being on set for a movie, when I was heading back home on my bike. A thought struck. It was as though lightning had struck me! There was thunder, the clouds darkened. I heard a voice,
It said “YOU HAVE BEEN VERY GREEDY! YOU HAVENT MADE ANY OFFERINGS TO ME”. To which I asked who it was. Then I heard more thunder and the same voice echoed again. “I AM THE GOD OF PLEASURE. GOD OF RELAXATION.” I thought I was dreaming. I went ahead and reached home.

I still felt dazed. I gave it a thought. How could something like that be possible? I mean I know I keep thinking about fantasy all the time but something like this was just too crazy to happen. Not thinking much about it I slept that night.

Next day, back on shoot I slogged all day and on my way back home I met this sadhu at a traffic signal who happened to co incidently tell me the same words I had heard the previous day. He then handed over me a huge parcel and told me to go home and open it and there are a set of instructions with it, which have to be strictly followed.

I hurried back home and rushed into my room, locked the door. My heart beat was at an all time high. Was it a bomb? Or something wrong? I just couldn’t guess. I held the package high and away from my body and slowly unwrapped it. I could faintly hear a factory siren go away and that scared me more. As I unwrapped a chit fell. It said “FOR YOU HAVE SINNED. THIS IS THE ONLY REMORSE. OPEN THIS PACKAGE AND CONSUME AT PEACE! THUS PLEASING ME WITH EASE!”

I could see a box that was black in colour and as I opened it fully I saw that it was one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky, the one and only Black Dog. I cracked open the seal and poured myself a nice amount of it, not wanting to have little and make the gods angry. As I brought it close to my mouth and sipped, I heard thunder and saw lightning. When I looked out, I saw a huge smiley in the sky. I heaved a sigh of relief and to my surprise I felt so fresh and relaxed. I truly had found something that relaxed me so well. I still have the bottle with me and have it when ever I feel I have sinned.

Not to forget, all this was one of my fantasy dreams, and as I sit writing this with my glass of Black Dog, I feel this is my moment.

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