Sunday, March 3, 2013

Food for thought?

Well there is one question that always disturbs one while sitting with a glass of alcohol. And not any glass of alcohol, Black Dog ScotchWhisky 21YO. So what would you like to savour with your glass of the finest scotch? Something spicy? Or something sweet to go with the woody taste of Black Dog?

There are a lot of options when you are relaxing and unwinding with your drink. You could have something Indian, Tandoori to be precise. Or something Mediterranean. Or just salads to go with it. Cheese add to the flavor while you are sipping your drink but then cheese topped with cut pineapples and cherry could be an option. Dim-Sums or dumplings and their other chinese counterparts taste well.

On the sweeter side, you have chocolate, not any kind of chocolate but Dark Chocolate that tastes best when had with Black Dog Scotch Whisky. It takes you to a totally different level altogether. The light bitter taste goes very well with the woody taste of the scotch.

If you prefer having something spicy with your drink after a tiring day, then Tandoori dishes are for you. A few kababs veg/non veg with a spicy coriander dip give your tongue a really nice taste. Something like Chicken 65 or Paneer 65 that are nothing but extremely hot dishes, that add to the kick.

Pita bread with Humus dip and vegetables is a subtle dish that is not too spicy nor sweet. It is has a perfect taste to it. Something that the Black Dog Scotch is a master at. Being perfect.

Dim-Sums or dumplings are usually had with a fish oil- chilli/garlic sauce or a chilli sauce made of the world’s spiciest chillis. This hot combo, well literally hot one goes really well with your Patiala peg of the finest scotch. A plate of Manchurian or Fried Chilli Vegetables add on to it.

You can even prefer to have your drink without any of these heavy dishes. You can just order for some peanuts mixed with Red Chilli powder, onions and lemon. That is a very desi version which can be had at home too.

But to live your life in style, have your Scotch with lots of ice and in company of your friends to unwind.

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