Tuesday, March 5, 2013


While there are a lot of dishes like I suggested in my earlier post that go really well with Black Dog scotch. Today I will concentrate solely on the Chocolate and Scotch pairing that according to me is a killer combo.

I have tried experimenting around with this pairing and I am sharing a few Tasting notes that I came up with.

It is always something of a case of trial and error; such is the complexity of both products involved that you can never be sure quite how they will interact.

It cannot be stressed enough that having a high cocoa percentage is not the mark of a fine chocolate, any more than the words “Single Malt” indicate a truly wonderful Scotch; and I implore anyone so inclined to try a couple of bars from the best chocolate producers.

You will be amazed at the vast difference between an average supermarket blended dark chocolate at 85% and a fine bar at 65-70%.
Tasting guide

When tasting Chocolate and Scotch together, the following process is advised; Though it is what I recommend, if you have something else that you feel is better then post that in the comments section.

Tasting Guide
    Take the Scotch on the palette, moving it around the mouth for a while to let the flavors build.
    Once swallowed, wait a few seconds before placing a very small piece of chocolate on the tongue. Allow the chocolate to melt slowly and experience the profiles of the Chocolate and Scotch as they come together.
    Towards the end of the melt, take a little of the Scotch back over the chocolate. This leads to greater intensity and often the development of some interesting and unexpected flavors.
    Enjoy the finish as you normally would, only this time you will see some interesting variations in the profile of the Scotch.

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