Friday, March 15, 2013

Adventure and Leisure

I have a lot of friends who are adventure freaks like me. Among them is my best friend Suman who enjoys the same tastes as mine when it comes to most of the things in life.
That is why we are seen at most of the places together and sometimes even mistaken for other things. When it comes to adventure, I have n other partner than him because he is the scared guy and I love experimenting. So it is fun pushing him into all the scary stuff.

But at the end of the day when we get done with trying out new things in life, we tend to get tired and need relaxation so that we are fresh again for a new set of challenges. It is because of this, that I make it a point to carry my own bottle of Black Dog Scotch Whisky that calms our nerves down. A small serving of the world’s finest scotch over bonfire and some yummy barbeque cooked in the forests go perfect with Adventure and chilling and ofcourse Black Dog.

It is good to have your drink alone, while you are admiring nature and also figuring out lot of things in life, but it is great to enjoy it when you have a buddy to share with. It automatically enhances the mood and you enjoy it more than the adventure you have during the day.

For a foodie like me, travelling to different places is like a boon, but travelling to places and not carrying my very own Black Dog is a sin. It just seems like Black Dog and leisure mean the same. What it means to you? Well try it out and your definition of leisure might change too.

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