Thursday, December 27, 2012

Smrinoff Espressology

A breezy evening, a wonderful location and some wonderful Coffee...or vodka...or both! That is what Smirnoff Espresso is all about.

Smirnoff Espresso is truly a Perfect Match, bringing together the world’s no.1 selling vodka with what is arguably the world’s most loved beverage - Coffee. Smirnoff Espresso combines the quality ingredients of Smirnoff Red with natural coffee flavors and a subtle hint of caramel, to give you a bold new vodka flavor. Which smells like the Expresso loved all over the world yet with the alochol that is needed.
A few bloggers and myself were invited to this wonderful event of mixology where in we were introduced to the all new Smirnoff Espresso at Blue Ginger, Taj West End,Bangalore

The event was hosted by Rohan Carvalho, World Flair Association (WFA) India Ambassador in association with Smirnoff and was called the Smirnoff Espressology Tweetup

Rohan explained to us that Smirnoff Espresso tastes great simply with Cola and is also smooth enough to be savored on the rocks, he further added that the smooth, aromatic concoction is sure to awaken your senses to an original drinking experience.
Finally, the main event of the night Experimenting Cocktails using the Smirnoff Espresso started with Rohan getting behind the counter.

First up was Smirnoff® Espresso Martini, This is a drink which is prepared using 60ml Smirnoff Espresso, 10ml Sugar Syrup, Double shot of Fresh Espresso shot.
This amazing drink is prepared by filling shaker with 3/4 ice, Pour in all Ingredients and shake. Strain into cold Martini Glass or pour it on the rocks in a old fashioned glass.
The next cocktail was made specially for me because I love rum with Coke so rohan asked me to try this. This is an easy-to-make Espresso & Cola drink. garnished with a wedge of orange. All you need to prepare this cocktail is Smirnoff® Espresso Vodka 45ml, 120ml of Cola.
Fill the glass with cubed ice, pour in Smirnoff® Espresso and cola as much as desired. Add 2 wedges of orange and enjoy

Post all this, all the blogger's at the event were asked prepare a Cocktail of there choice! So we all got went to bar counter picked up items and started preparing cocktails. This was the fun part! We were first asked to make a team of two where one was to be a coffee person and the other a vodka guy. And then the chaos started. I had teamed up with fellow Blogger Vinay Kashyap and together we made what the judges called a very professional looking and appealing Cocktail called the Pink Pepper. 
Vinay and Me in Action
Shake it Like that baby!
To make it yourself, first add a few mint leaves, pepper kernels and muddle them in the shaker, add Ice, 45ml of Smirnoff Espresso, 100 ml Cranberry Juice and shake it nicely. 
To your Martini Glass, add a Black Grape and pour your drink over it, Garnish it with mint leaves. 
And when we presented it, we felt as if we were part of Masterchef and also unfortunately we did not win, but the crowd loved the look of our martini. 
The Smirnoff Espresso can be bought for an MRP of Rs.900 in the stores. 

Go try this one instead of your evening coffee. You'll love it.

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