Friday, October 26, 2012

Trader at Trader's Vic ;)

Early September had me visiting Trader's Vic restaurant that opened at the Pheonix Market City here in Bangalore for the Blogger's round table event organised by them. The newly opened restaurant is a part of the JSM group that manages various other restaurants in the country. The Trader Vic’s is a family of restaurants, united by our four cornerstones: Decor, Food, Drinks, and Service. Combined, these define the Trader Vic’s Brand and create the Trader Vic’s experience. The Trader Vic's Corporation has worked passionately over the years to remain true to the spirit of the Trader's carefully conceived vision. The d├ęcor is authentic and transcendent; the flavors are savory and bold; and the libations? Exotic and enticing! The new Trader Vic's is bound to become a treasured oasis for nearby residents. 

The whole look and feel of the restaurant gives a very nice feeling the minute you walk in. Similar to the MaiTai Restaurant at Orion Mall, its interiors consist of a lot of african/ red indian artefacts. Once seated we were greeted by the Chef, Chef Rahul who explained to us the whole concept of the restaurant.

I had gone there with my friends who along with me are vegetarians, so we mostly got the vegetarian menu and will be talking about it. The starters consisted of a whole lot of options from spring rolls to cheese balls and barbequed vegetables and cottage cheese. We then moved on to the main course where we ordered what the Chef recommended, that was the Garlic Chilli Asian Greens, served with Rice and then Beijing Vegetable ChowMein along with Green Thai Curry. The whole meal was extremely filling and had to be literally stuffed because we were pampered with a whole lot of cocktails made for us. 

The cocktails at Trader's Vic are all rum based and are made with lot of effort. The taste of each of the Cocktail we had was distinct and unique. What I had was, Kava Bowl, which is a huge bowl out of which four people can drink simultaneously, and the Trader's Vic Mai Tai and the coconut based Bahia. 

Our experience at the restaurant ended with a wonderful tour through the whole restaurant and how things go about there. Do go there and give it a try. It is worth it. 

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