Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nokia Asha 311

The folks at Nokia launched the Nokia Asha 311 in Bangalore at the Taj Vivanta last week and this entry of mine marks my comeback into blogging. I could have done it earlier but there is something about the Nokia Asha 311 that compels me to write RIGHT now.

The Nokia Asha 311 boasts of
  • 3.0 Inch Gorilla Glass Touchscreen Display
  • - Swipe UI
  • - 1GHz Processor
  • - WiFi
  • - 3G
  • - 3.2MP Camera
  • - Java Games And Apps Support
  • - 1110 MAh Battery
  • - EA games pack
  • -MeeGo style UI 
With all these wonderful features packed into one phone, you have no choice but to call it a Smartphone. Though not a fully fledged smart phone, it can be called a Semi- Smartphone, which is so much better than the other so called smartphones in the market.

The 311, is one of the best phones of the Asha series which was announced earlier this year at the MWC. Packed with a MeeGo-ish style UI i.e the swipe to unlock and swipe for other screens gives you a total MeeGo feel if you haven't actually used MeeGo.

The phone runs on the S40 OS which is getting better day by day, but still runs only Java apps which is a drawback. The screen is pretty responsive and the layout is refreshing.

Personally, I loved the phone only because it has a very nice feel to it. The camera is good for its class, the all new Nokia Browser 2.0 finally runs on WiFi and doesnt give an error. The phone also comes loaded with WhatsApp and other pre-loaded EA games and Angry Birds.

The onscreen keypad is a bit too cramped up for my thick fingers but the ladies are going to love it.

Post all the presentations at the event, all of us were put at task by the Nokia folks and asked to play Angry Birds on the Asha 311 and score the highest. This was the actual high point of the whole event where everybody got aggressive and started breaking all records. Finally 3 winners were selected and they all recieved Nokia BH-112 bluetooth headsets.

To sum it all, the Nokia Asha 311 is a very nice and classy handset that will be very well recieved amongst the youngsters and the women. It is also attractively priced at around Rs.7000, which is very competitive.