Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Band

August 1st just went by and the whole world celebrated it with loads of fanfare as "Friendship Day". All I remember about it was that my Text messages were being charged and that is one thing I hate the most. I had friends wishing me from the previous day itself and it felt good to know certain good friends still remain in my life.

That very evening I went shopping with my folks to a mall and saw something that pricked me to an extent. I saw many youngsters,school kids,college kids at the mall and all with their mobiles in their hands and I managed to overhear a conversation between two girls. Here is a jist:

Girl 1: OMG you he sent me a message...i think he has written it himself..
Girl 2: what message?
G1: A friendship day message duh! He wants to be my best friend
G2: yea? that is awesome! But you know that xyz girl tied him a friendship band in class..
G1: whaaat?? that is so lame! so cheap! I mean who ties friendship bands now? You can as well gift your friend stuff or write it on facebook.

This small bit made me think all night....when we were school, the number of friends we had were measured by the number of friendship bands we had on our hands. Some girls had both their hands filled and I always had 1 or none. But tying these bands on the wrist's of the 'friends' we had always brought in a sense of excitement. We would start coaxing mom to give us money to buy those fancy friendship bands but then settle for ribbons or 'mom-made' ones. I remember clearly a scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where SRK has these friendhship bands in his pocket and tying them on every girl's hand. And to see today,from what I overheard... the question that kept popping up was... "Are the Bands no more the 'In' thing?" I know friendship is never measured by all this but then what just happened that all of a sudden they were not used anymore?

In the mall amongst a crowd of 50,000, I could count the number of kids with a friendship band. It is a question I will always ask myself. Will you?


  1. interesting read and actually a fact. i have not seen a band on anyone's hand since ages now. worst you may find a rubber band showcasing support to stuff like CRY etc, nothing more!

  2. Nice realistic post Prateek. It's so know what I feel pity for them; the kids have now become so materialistic.