Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art Of Chilling weekend

Finally I am out of my Chilled mode after I got tickets to watch 'Salt' in the F-row at Inox sponsored by Fosters.It took me a week to get back to normal after that chilling saturday evening with Fosters and Angelina Jolie *sigh*.

Cut to 8pm Sat eve....Tickets in hand all geared up and excited to watch Salt with two boxes of popcorn n cola I was prepared to enjoy the flick! But then there was another distraction before I could walk into the hall. The awesome foot massaging machine! I just couldnt resist it and jumped into it(quite literally) and enjoyed 10 mins of the best foot massage I have ever ever got till date! (That is precisely why I was still chilling :P) 8.15....It was showtime!

The movie as a package was a drab! Wasnt packaged well. Jolie looked frail n bad...story went haywire and we were put off. There was zero glam in it and all action. This wasnt expected from a movie that starred Angelina Jolie. But I would give full points for the action sequences. After Tomb Raider,I saw Jolie performing such stunts with great effort and they were the only good part.

The other good part was the cushions and the GOODIES we got from fosters! Loved the total experience of the F-row! Totally defined the 'Art of Chilling' :)

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