Sunday, May 30, 2010

One phase ends and the other has started!

I am now officially done with my Bachelors. I finished my exam yesterday with the last paper being Journalism(Advertising and PR). Well how these three years have passed by is a mystery. They were eventful three years. It was the usual roller coaster ride that probably everyone goes through...heart breaks,fights,grudges,patch ups.... well i had loads of them!! Some stayed and some vanished only to resurface again.

How life can change when you have wonderful people entering your life and unwanted leaving for the good is the best part of your college life I feel. I was always a silent guy since school and was bullied many times. I never liked revolting back and this has stayed on with me. People did try and do that to me here too but I kept quiet. Not because I am scared of the consequences but because it is a waste of time and your energy to shout back at unwanted people. It is like a dog behind a gate. The dog will try to scare you by barking at you and if you get scared it will do that again. But if you remain quiet it will ultimately fall silent. There will be people who wouldn't agree to this. Well free will that is your opinion :).

College otherwise was fun. We had our moments of bunking and gossips etc. Sitting in the canteen for hours and cursing the college for having the worst canteen staff ever. Yet we used to be there the minute the bell for Lunch break rang. I used to miss my Pre-unviersity college a lot in the starting. I still do. But this was different. From being the runner up in the Mr/Ms fresher event in the first year to hosting and organizing the same in my Final year, I enjoyed it. I danced for the first time on stage in my life. It was two steps yet it made me dance!

I will miss it for all this and many other things which I cant recall or don't want to recall. What I gained from this college or the three years that I studied here? I gained some really good friends,lots of knowledge from our teachers,fame(for the right and the wrong things ;) ), and a new meaning to life which will take me through the rough patches I am yet to face in the new phase of life that I am going to start. This phase that has unfortunately ended will always remain as a lesson learnt in life. And I pray that I do not repeat the mistakes again.

I have changed. Yes I have!! I have people around me who are there to guide me all through and they have been a force in helping me change for the good. I cannot get enough of thanking them for it and will always be grateful to you guys for it. :)

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  1. Congrats. You seem to have had quite an eventful 3 years. :) All the best for the next phase of your life!