Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Into RCB Mighty 14!! yayy

Day 22nd of March
Time: approx 16.57
Location:On the Bike traveling

Lady on the line: hello can I speak to Mr.Prateek?
Me: Ughh yes....who's this?
Lady: I am calling from Royal challeng.....
Me:(yes yes yes.............whooooooooooooooo)....ughh sorry yes tell me
Lady: You have been selected................................
Me:whooooooooooooooo sorry I am just too excited....
Lady:so you will be going to watch the match on 25th sir and you will be getting jerseys so i wanted to know your size
Me: that would be Large...
lady: ok thank you will get a mail from us in a while please revert back to us asap
Me: sure I will thanks a ton (huge grin on my face) must have guessed how happy I was when I got that call. After all I had literally begged everyone to vote for me,sent them DM's spammed their mailboxes etc. After the first team of Mighty 14 was announced I was terribly disappointed. But then thanks to Hrish I started my campaign afresh, and edited my page.

What is RCB's Mighty 14? well this is a contest where 14 mighty fans will get to watch RCB's matches in their city and cheer for them. They will get jersey's and loads of other goodies! I will be getting to watch the match on 25th March, thursday when RCB plays Delhi daredevils.

I am desperately hoping Sehwag,Robin,Manish and of course Jacques Kallis are in full form and send the ball to the stands as many times they can. I will be tweeting live and uploading pics as and when I get a chance. But for now I am all happy for it and cannot wait to get there :)

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