Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twestival India

On the 25th of March,Thursday, tweeple around the world will be partying! Yes and partying for a cause. This is what we call a Twestival! A festival where people over the blogosphere will meet,party,entertain yet contribute to a cause of educating children and other various causes too.

Twestival will also be held in Bangalore at the Opus. It will be a special night with music, dance and drinks. Rock show by the Galeej Gurus and Repsychled will be followed by Nakul Shenoy's Beyond Magic and RJ Anjaan at the dance floor. If you are on Twitter and in Bangalore, Twestival Bangalore is a must attend to meet your twitter friends as well as to contribute to a social cause. More details on

The tickets are limited and are really reasonable too! Go buy them on

P.S.- Kingfisher is supplying unlimited Kingfisher Blue beer! Another reason to be there! :P

Into RCB Mighty 14!! yayy

Day 22nd of March
Time: approx 16.57
Location:On the Bike traveling

Lady on the line: hello can I speak to Mr.Prateek?
Me: Ughh yes....who's this?
Lady: I am calling from Royal challeng.....
Me:(yes yes yes.............whooooooooooooooo)....ughh sorry yes tell me
Lady: You have been selected................................
Me:whooooooooooooooo sorry I am just too excited....
Lady:so you will be going to watch the match on 25th sir and you will be getting jerseys so i wanted to know your size
Me: that would be Large...
lady: ok thank you will get a mail from us in a while please revert back to us asap
Me: sure I will thanks a ton (huge grin on my face) must have guessed how happy I was when I got that call. After all I had literally begged everyone to vote for me,sent them DM's spammed their mailboxes etc. After the first team of Mighty 14 was announced I was terribly disappointed. But then thanks to Hrish I started my campaign afresh, and edited my page.

What is RCB's Mighty 14? well this is a contest where 14 mighty fans will get to watch RCB's matches in their city and cheer for them. They will get jersey's and loads of other goodies! I will be getting to watch the match on 25th March, thursday when RCB plays Delhi daredevils.

I am desperately hoping Sehwag,Robin,Manish and of course Jacques Kallis are in full form and send the ball to the stands as many times they can. I will be tweeting live and uploading pics as and when I get a chance. But for now I am all happy for it and cannot wait to get there :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010