Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One year passed by.....

Well today is the 23rd day of Feb and its been a year since I worte a blog post! I have 7 unfinished review posts and I am lazy! yes I am lazy to complete them up! Reason?? Oh come on I DO NOT ask me to do that :P I have so many that I can write a thesis on 1001 reasons on not writing a Blog post in a year :D

Ok some of you might ask "Dude you havent written any thing since a year! why the F*** are you writing one now? We've lost interest!" and I have an answer ready too.....(plz refer my above line about 1001 applies here too). What?? you want the cat out of the bag? Na....I hope u aint serious! Oh come on don't force me! ahhhhh well ok the reason is that I am such a random person that the word random becomes a random understatement!!! :D phew....Happy?

All that I did in one year? the list is long and I don want YOU my "precious"(yeah right) readers to get bored(as though I am writing it for you! gah!). So in one year I have done nothing great that I can get padmashree or the booker prize (well if chatwal can I too can). After 20th feb the last time I wrote something(Yes I am proud of it!!!), loads of stuff happened in life! I better write it in points so that it is easier for you to read :)

Here are the great events that took place in the last one year in order of the month!

But hey before YOU read you should read this Disclaimer( to avoid controversies you know! I do not want to be misquoted later considering my popularity :P )

DISCLAIMER: All events in the following list are true(as far as I can remember and havent doctored them in my mind). They have been censored to an extent considering a family audience and also all characters here are living and are in no mood to kick the bucket. For any queries please contact me here itself because I do not have a lawyer :P

Event 1(FEB): Had a major F*** up with my real good friends Shreyas and Avinash.....but then everything got settled.

Event 2(MARCH): Bro got engaged and saw him really happy(after all he had found his "perfect lady" and bhabhi found her "perfect man"......awww what a love story!)

Event 3(APRIL): none!

Event 4(MAY): I went to Bombay....damn sorry MNS Mumbai after like 14 years! Yeah I felt like Lord Ram....(not exactly....I felt like Lakshman....Bro went there after 14 years too so he is Ram) went there for a week....had fun,saw Jalsa and Prateeksha felt awesome n came back with a crush......(only for it to be Vetoed down :'( *sob sob* ) \

Event 5(June): Exams......dreaded exams....but then Avinash suggested that we go for a vacation to his place Kalimpong in the North eastern part of India and I was lucky I got permission at home and on June 24 we left for Kalmipong all excited! It was an all guy trip.

Event 6(July): All high on the best trip we had we returned to college on the 16th of July. shared all our experiences with everybody all through the month.

Event 7(August): Nothing great happened....I just had the chance to visit the East again and now to Kolkata to shop for Bro's wedding! Again after a decade. Had fun. Did nothing. :D

Event 8(September): It was booooooring.

I hope you guys arent getting bored here. Please bear with me there are things about October,November,December and January 2010 to written :P

Event 9(Oct): October 1-7 got to get close to my first love Theatre when I was given a chance to attend a national level theatre workshop at Ninasam(heggodu). Ujwala and Me were chosen to attend it and I cannot forget all that I learnt. Rest of October went in getting screwed by my teachers for bunking a lot in that semester.\

Event 10(Nov): Bro was to tie the knot on Nov 19th and I made a literal....literally LITERAL flying visit! I had my practical exams before the wedding and so flew to Bombay after them and flew back to Bangalore on 20th to write an exam that afternoon. Apart from that did live tweeting from the wedding too.

Event 11(Dec): With my exams coming to an end....I got an other jolt that changed my life for ever. We i.e. Shreyas,Ujwala,Savitha,Madhuri and Me got chosen among 50 gangs that were chosen for MTV GANG NEXT which is happening all on FB. We got free Corbys, and loadsa other goodies. (for more info check out and join our fan page on FB by searching for "King Lights")

Event 12(Jan): January yayyy! The month I was born in. January started off on a rather high note. All things were going my way but I celebrated my birthday by sleeping! Can you beleive that? It was a sunday! And for those who do not know when I celebrate my birthday it is on the 24th of January -_-

And well now almost through Feb and I am doing a Play! finally after a break of 4 years! Will let you know more on it later :)

Also if you have read all through this post I bet you are going to throw rotten Tomatoes,Eggs and stuff on your screen. Do it! mera kya jaata hai! Your screen will go for a toss. :P

So I now take leave and promise to write regularly so that you don't have to go through this torture. Till next time...Ciao readers :)

Love ya all


  1. it is boring to read till the end and only spice is kinglights and sleeping birthday did that try doing somthing else

  2. hmmm.. comedy is thy middle name :P well, its raw, and i admire literature at its raw state... :) nice! but i guess there is room for improvement? but then again, who am i to judge? this is your heart's conjuring! so, go ahead and write more :)

  3. looks lyk u had an amazin year :):)..!! do keep writin often.. ur blogs r pretty interestin :):)

  4. Nice! I've Lived through half of it :) so No comments! :P