Friday, February 20, 2009

Delhi 6-Review

The most awaited movie of the year Delhi 6 finally released today after much speculation about that the release was to be postponed because of a few problems. But finally we have it here.

After Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra's Rang De Basanti which was a runaway hit and which also managed to connect with the youngsters, with Delhi-6 he tries to strike chord with the ABCD's.

The movie starts off with Waheeda Rahman,Abhishek Bachchan,Tanvi Azmi and Vijay Sarkar at a hosiptal discussing about the illness Waheeda has and the number of days she might live. With this she makes a decision that she wants to go back to India, Delhi. The place wher she lived most of her life and die there. With her son not agreeing with this decision of her's, Roshan (Abhishek) decides that he would take her to India. Roshan has a muslim mother and a hindu father, who refuses to step on Indian Soil.

On arriving at India, he is fascinated by everything there! the people,the traffic,sweets, the media's sensationalism, everything. The News Channels he sees on the airport are reporting cases of the very famous unsolved mystery of the century i.e. the case of the Monkey Man! The news presenter like any other crazy case files presenter shouts through the mike saying "In logon ne ek kala bandar dekha! Aisa Kala Bandar jo Kale Rang ka hai!! " etc.... leaves you gasping for breathe! Once home and after the tearful welcome by old neighbours Supriya Pathak,Sheeba Chadda, they are all ready to go witness the Ram Leela. Which was claimed to be the most important part of the movie. The kidnapping of Sita by Ravan is the scene going on and it is interupted by the organiser to welcome the local MLA who tries to pull off a Uma Bharti by her hindutva words! Rishi Kapoor who plays Ali Baig in the movie is Roshan's godfather in India and helps him throughout through thick and thin, also revealing that he once loved his mother but could not express his love for her.

The story moves on with the Monkey Man becoming the main plot of the story. Everyone across delhi and all the news channels are shown giving the highest importance to it. Also different people have different stories and logics on how the monkey man looks and how he jumps around with springs in his legs! Also at one point Pavan Malhotra says that the Monkey man moves around with a mother board on its body!! :O amidst this confusion about the Monkey man, the heroine, Bittu(Sonam Kapoor) is shown as a girl who wants to live her dreams but is scared of her hitler father OmPuri. Her life is compared to Masakali the dove her father has,which cannot fly because its wings have been clipped. Also she is forced to see all kinds of guys as her prospective husbands. Her dialogues are minimal which is quite a disappointment.

As the days progress, the monkey man menace reaches its peak and the monkey man attacks Delhi-6. He takes away the jalebi wala's goat, and also steals most of his food items from the shop. This leads to another and this issue takes a political turn when a "Baba" who speaks english along with hindi accuses the muslims there that they had destroyed a temple and built a mosque. Roshan is a confused person and doesnt know what he is supposed to do, because at one point everyone was together like one family and at the other he sees the muslims jalebi wala's shop is destroyed by Pavan malhotra, who once was his best friend because of the riots. And also he is not let by the "Elders" of the area to enter a temple his Dadi wants to visit because he has a muslim mother.

How life takes a 360 degree turn, and what happens in everybody's life forms the climax of the movie.

What works for the movie:
The story is simple ,new, and it works. The dialogues though cliched aren't so bad that you would want to run away. Before the interval the movie is fast paced and we get a sneak peek into everybody's life and how everything works in Old Delhi and post interval the main plot is revealed. Also a proper mixture of cmedy, drama, tragedy make it work

What doesn't work for it:
Some scenes in the movie, i.e. when everybody is on their way to Agra to see the Taj, seem like scenes from the scenes from the 50's because it is all shot in the studio and you can easily figure out that it is a cut an paste. Also i fail to understand is photo's taken from a mobile which has a 3 mp camera, produces pics of the quality of a DSLR. And some pics are of sonam wher she is atleast 50-60ft away from Abhishek and he gets great pics. :O

Why you must watch it:
You must watch it for performances by Vijay Raaz as the Haryanvi Cop, Abhishek Bachcan, Pavan Malhotra and the "Kala Bandar".

Rating: 3.5/5


  1. try putting something u like on ur blog man ... so that we can comment

  2. Hmmm.. Nice review.. But am not tat much hyped up about dis movie.. Will wait and c wat happens!!
    3.5... Hmmm.. Maybe, i'll just download it!! :D

  3. Ok... Now.. its really crap movie!!! :x..
    Rating: 2/5... tat too being generous!!

  4. Good sense of humour.... try putting up something about urself.. you are good n creative too keep it up.. my rating for ur writing is 3.5/5....God bless

  5. Nice review.

    Never like the movie.Songs are very catchy nevertheless.